Can marriage counseling help with divorce?

However, going to therapy has been shown to be helpful. In fact, 97% of couples who went to counseling for their marital problems admitted that divorce counseling was somehow helpful. What marriage counseling does is help married couples understand the root of the problem in their marriage. After realizing the problems affecting marriage, they strive to find reasonable solutions.

Most couples visit a couples counselor a few days or months before the divorce when the damage has already been done beyond repair. There have still been some marriages that have been repaired over time, but the success rate isn't very high. Before a couple reaches the point of divorce, they may have been struggling for some time already. With the help of a marriage counselor or a trained couples therapist, they can learn new and more effective ways to talk and listen to one another.

Couples who stick with their counseling plan to the end are more likely to stay together and find their relationship more satisfying. Discernment counseling helps couples, individually, decide if counseling is really the way forward. The network is listed as a resource of the federally funded National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Network for couples who need marriage counseling. In online marriage counseling or couples therapy sessions with my secure video platform, you can build a strong, honest and mutually supportive relationship and maintain it for the rest of your lives.

For this reason, discernment counseling can save thousands of dollars spent on marriage counseling that is doomed to fail.

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